Our History

ANRIK IRRIGATION, INC. is a family run business started in 1995 by Rick and Annmarie Nantel. Celebrating our 23th Season, Anrik Irrigation has been NH’s choice for top quality sprinkler installations and service that is second to none. Anrik Irrigation has installed over 3,500 systems both residential and commercial. Our customer base has grown to over 4,000 customers who rely on us for fast, knowledgeable and incredibly courteous professional service.

Anrik Irrigation is a full service lawn sprinkler company. We take great pride in the fact that sprinkler work is all we do. We don’t do lawns or shrubs, walls or fertilizing, we specialize in one facet of the green industry and that is lawn sprinklers.

All of Anrik Irrigation key employees have been with us for at least 7 years. We take pride in all of their abilities and the fact that year after year they want to come back to our company. Our employees are truly first class! We receive compliments on their performance and professionalism weekly. Annmarie and I are proud to have them working for us.

Our office is located at 555 Elm. Street, Milford, New Hampshire. This location is ideal because it allows us to be central to all of our customers in NH and Northern Massachusetts. Our office is staffed from 7:30-4 pm Monday thru Friday. That way, if you have any questions or need to schedule a service call, you know someone will be there to answer your call.

Aside from our installation crew we employee 6 full time service techs, each with a fully stocked van. This allows us to solve most problems in one visit. Their jobs are to maintain all of our accounts from condominiums and commercial to the homeowner. We can generally schedule most visits within 24 hours. No one in our office will tell you to “wait until next week”. Service- it doesn’t get any better than what Anrik Irrigation provides.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Annmarie at 603-672-1431 or email us at anrik1@aol.com.

A Complete array of lawn sprinkler systems, irrigation installations and service in Southern New Hampshire and North Central Massachusetts.

New Irrigation System Installs:

Here at Anrik Irrigation, when we install lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems, we offer high quality products from Hunter Irrigation. We always strive to match your irrigation needs with the proper equipment. Whether yours is a single family home or a large industrial complex, we can scale an irrigation and/or sprinkler solution to fit your needs and budget.

Micro-drip installation for hanging basket flower pots:

Everyone loves hanging flower baskets or planters, but it's not so easy having to water them often, standing on ladders or when you leave for that summer vacation, no one's there to water them. Now there is Micro-Drip Irrigation. Micro-Drip is 1/4" tubing, that can easily be installed into existing sprinkler zones or to get more sophisticated, make it on its own zone. The tubing is easily hidden with flow controls for each emmiter to shut off areas that don't have pots or planters. All the farm stands use them, shouldn't you?

Drip systems for foundation plantings:

Landscape designers and reputable landscape contractors know that getting water to the roots of the shrubs and flowers is more healthy for plants. Spray heads usually put out too much water at a high pressure which can do more harm than good for delicate shrubs and plants. Drip irrigation feeds the roots with water, there is no damage to homes from overspraying, and importantly, drip irrigation saves water and money. Existing spray head zones can easily be fitted into drip. Call us for more information.

Expansion of existing sprinkler and irrigation systems:

Now that the new addition is on the house, or that dream deck and pool has been installed, it's time to think about expanding your irrigation system to cover those new lawn areas. Expansions are typically easy to do. Normally we just tie into the existing main line and wire, add a new valve box and run extra zones. If a controller needs to be upgraded, it can be done at the same time, or Rainsensor can easily be added to the system to keep the system from running on rainy days. Most expansions are priced by the zone..

Maintenance Services


Why Choose Anrik?

Great customer service that goes well beyond the installation of your lawn sprinkler or irrigation system.

What makes Anrik Irrigation different?

  • We serve all of Southern NH and Central MA, including as far East as Nashua and beyond.
  • Four fully stocked service vans for quick response to any service issue in Southern NH or MA.
  • A staffed office. When you call with a question or a service issue, you can talk to a person not a machine.
  • All plumbing costs of the backflow and permits are included in the estimate
  • Copper pipe is used from the back flow to the ground for strength and aesthetics.